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Our Mission

The Nigerian Institute of Physics, NIP, was established in 1973 after a sojourn as a unit of the Science Association of Nigeria (SAN) Physics Section. The realization came from deliberations by some eminent Physicists among whom I can mention Prof. A.I.I. Ette, Prof. O. Awe, Prof. A. Maduemezia, Prof. P. Ogbuehi and Mr. B.E. Bassey.

NIP Journal

The institute publishes a bi-annual journal called “Nigerian Journal of Physics“. NJP is an international journal and a medium for the promotion of professional excellence among members. Reviewers are selected from across the globe.

Latest News

  • Is more always better? Researchers from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, sought to find out if that was the case for measuring magnetic field strengths. Their paper, appearing this week in AIP Advances, examines whether a double H-coil method or a single H-coil method is a......

  • Researchers have published a paper that demonstrations the first laboratory experiment to use liquid marbles to create collision-based computation in research. The paper, titled “Liquid Marble Interaction Gate for Collision-Based Computing” is published by Elsevier in Materials Today. The research is led by Professor Andy Adamatzky......

  • In motors, generators and similar electric machines, the electrical current that powers them generates magnetic fields that magnetize some of the metallic components. Choosing the right magnetic material is crucial for designing efficient machines, so researchers from the Institute of Electrical Machines (IEM) at RWTH......